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updated 1/11/18


All our kids will be wormed, vaccinated, disbudded, tattooed, accompanied by a complete health record, and wethered, if male and not for breeding. We ask for a 50% deposit to hold the kid of your choice until weaning, typically at 8-12 weeks. We ask that arrangements to pick up or transport your kids be made promptly by the time they reach weaning age. We're sorry, kids absolutely can not be held for any amount of time without a deposit. All adults sold will be accompanied by a complete health record.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us; we often have animals available that we have not yet listed, or know of other animals for sale.

Please be aware that if you inquire about a goat for sale by asking for more pictures than what is already provided, this does not constitute a binding commitment on my part to hold that goat for you. If someone else inquires and decides on the spot to send me a deposit based on the information available at that moment, they will be the one that buys the goat. Also I will not necessarily give every person who inquires about a goat for sale a run down of every other person who has inquired about that goat. Please, if you want to buy the goat, say to me "I want to buy that goat!" and send me a deposit. Until we reach that point, any goat for sale is for sale. Thank you.


What you get when you buy a Dragonfly Farm goat:

1. Honesty. My goal is for you to find the perfect match for your needs. If I don't believe that the animal I have for sale meets those needs, I'll tell you so. If I tell you that I think that he or she is what you are looking for, that will be my very best estimate of that fact, given everything I know. I won't hide the reasons why I am selling an adult or the possible shortcomings of a kid for sale, to the best of my knowledge, even if you don't ask me.

2. Support. When someone buys a goat from me, I am there for them, to answer questions and give my help in any way that I can, no matter whether you have 2 pet wethers or a barn full of show goats. I have years of experience with Nigerian Dwarf goats on the farm, in the milk parlor, and in the show ring, but if I don't know the answers to your questions, I will find someone who does.

3. Success. The best bloodlines in the breed, and the knowledge to combine them. I may not always be right about the breedings I choose, but when I do plan a breeding, I will be able to tell you exactly why I did it, and what I expect from it. We have had success both in the show ring and in the the milk pail, and we expect our goats to perform for you as well.

Thanks for taking a look!!

Reservation Policy

I reserve the right to retain any kid born for our herd.

One reason I do not take any money for reservations is that I reserve the right to place kids in homes not necessarily in the order that reservations are received. Homes with previous proven show, DHI, or appraisal experience may receive priority.

To save time (mine!) I will not carry reservations over from year to year--if you want your reservation to carry over to the next year, please CONTACT ME at any time before the kids are born, and I will give you priority for the upcoming kidding. If I don't hear from you, I will assume you are no longer interested.

Our reservation policy is designed to make sure that the process of placing kids in homes goes smoothly. We want you to be able to choose kids ahead of time and be as sure as possible that your choice will be available, but we also want unreserved kids to be clearly available to other buyers.

There is no charge to make a reservation on a particular breeding. The price of a kid to be born may change in between when you make your reservation and when the kids are born. The price at the time the kids are born is the price. I usually update prices at some point after show and appraisal season each year based on accomplishments of each doe. If the kid of your choice is born and offered to you, at that time I will request a 50% deposit to hold the kid until weaning or until arrangements are made for pick up or delivery. Once you have committed with a deposit to buy one or more particular animals, your deposit is non-refundable. Arrangements must be made for pick up or delivery of your goats in a timely fashion, otherwise board charges may apply or your deposit may be forfeit.

If you reserve a kid from a particular breeding, but do not wish to commit to buying the kid after it is born until you see photos, I will not withhold that kid from other potential buyers until I get a chance to take pictures.

If you reserve a kid and then choose not to purchase that kid if it is born and offered to you, I might not take reservations from you in the future, but you are of course free to purchase any kid offered on our For Sale pages.

Most (but not all) of our kids for sale will be bottle fed. If you wish otherwise, let me know when you make your reservation, and I may be able to accomodate.

The first goat (adult or kid) purchased for a 4H family is full price. If I see that that animal is shown and well cared for, other animals may be made available to you at a substantial discount.

Thanks for your understanding!


Contact us: jmk@rwdean.com or Joanne at (978)456-9357


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