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updated 1/9/16

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If you are interested in any of the does on the first fresh or junior doe pages, feel free to let me know of your interest, and I will contact you if your choice becomes available.

Show quality does:

I won't offer a doe as show quality unless I really believe it to be true. As most of us do, I have a continuing population problem!

Dragonfly RY Moonstone
Sire: Caesar's Villa BB Rebel Yell *S (Caesar's Villa FL Brat in Barn *S x ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Suthrn Bell 2*D)
Dam: Flat Rocks Tiger's Eye (Flat Rocks Gem x Chisolm Trail Mystique)
DOB 5/23/13
extended pedigree LA

Full sister to Topaz, but not quite as nice a doe. Still solid conformation, a solid udder, and very exciting genetics.

$750 open--sold

Show record: not yet shown

Dragonfly AV Mithril
Sire: TX Twincreeks PKM Avatar (Piddlin Acres Pokemon x MCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 3*D E)
Dam: Flat Rocks Galena (Flat Rocks Gem x 5 Alarm Prism)

DOB 7/7/13
extended pedigree LA 2014 +++ +

Another beautiful Avatar daughter...the way he is going, I will be retaining many more. Mithril is for sale because I don't like her personality. I have a lot of girls here who have come around with full time milking, but I haven't had the chance to give this one the treatment yet, so she's wild. But at this price ($100 less than the price of a kid from Galena) for this pedigree, I think she is a very good deal all the same, so if you have to patience to work with her, I think she will reward you. She kidded in the depths of the cold in February 2015, I missed it, and the kids did not survive...due to everything else going on here at that time I did not milk her nor did I get udder pictures, but it was a typical Avatar udder, which is to say, very solid.

$500 open--sold

Show record: not yet shown

Dragonfly HCY Honeysuckle
Sire: Dragonfly HFX Halcyon (MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax x Dragonfly HFX Vesta)

Dam: Dragonfly AP Chloris (Doe-Sy-Doe's TA Appomattox x Doe-Sy-Doe's Honeysuckle Rose E 90.2)

DOB 4/5/13
extended pedigree LA

A nice doe with a nice udder, but one more than I am allowed to keep this year!

$600 in milk--sold

Show record: not yet shown


Show quality dry yearlings:


Brood doe quality/Family milkers:
Dragonfly SM Heather
Sire: Dragonfly HLJ Sugarman (Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah x Flat Rocks Ella Enchanted *D VEEE 90 )
Dam: Dragonfly HFX Cassiopeia (MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax x Dragonfly G Seriphus)

September, 2015

DOB 1/15/14
extended pedigree LA

I lost my beloved Cassiopeia to leg injuries sustained during the Horrible Winter of 2015...so I am very grateful to a terrific buyer who agreed to sell this beautiful daughter back to me. Wild and crazy, like her dam, thank goodness, or I don't think Robin would have parted with her...not quite as nice a doe as her dam, so reluxtantly offered for sale. Much better now for having been milked full time for these couple of weeks.

$300 -- sold

Dragonfly HLJ Gala
Sire: Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah (MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax x Twin Creeks AH Chiaroscuro 3*D E)
Dam: ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For the Party *D E (Flat Rocks Buried Treasure xFlat Rocks Party Time)

June, 2014
DOB 3/21/13
extended pedigree LA V++ overall +, 2015 +VE+ 83

My favorite kid of the 2013, hands down. Very fond of socks. Gala did not actually freshen in 2014, but in the tradition of her maternal line, emphasis on MATERNAL, she stole a kid from another doe, came into milk, and nursed him. As a result her udder is rather petite, though she raised "her" kid just fine. Also as a result, I guess she could not technically be appraised as a senior doe. Why? Who the heck knows. The attachments look sound, however, and I expect a bit more capacity with a true freshening.

Unfortunately as sometimes happens with precocious udders, the second freshening shows some severe unevenness, so sadly Gala is here in the brood doe section. She is a gorgeous doe with a very sweet, loving personality, and one half of her udder very much larger than the other. If I were not trying to reduce my numbers and my workload, I'd keep this one forever, but reality has struck. If her udder were not blemished, this would be a top quality show doe. She is one of very few Party daughters that I have ever offered for sale.

$600, open--sold

Show record: not yet shown

Dragonfly USH Althea
Sire: Rosasharn's TL Ushikai *S (ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L + *S E x ARMCH Rosasharn's Uni 3*D 'E', 2*M EEEV 90)

Dam: ARMCH Fairlea Ariadne *D E 90.7 LA EEEE 91 (Stonewall's Apocalypse Now +*S x Fairlea Rona)

DOB 8/5/09
extended pedigree LA 2010 VVV, V;

(Photo by Declan Dean) Very capacious milker with decent attachments but not a show doe. She does have an utterly superb pedigree, with potential for producing much better than herself. Althea is a very sweet doe, but  little shy. She is perfect on the milk stand, and well behaved; though she's occasionally reluctant to be caught, if she knows the routine she comes willingly to the gate to be milked. For more photos and information, click here to go to Althea's page.

$300 -- sold


Dragonfly HLU Rejoice
Sire: Dragonfly HFX Hallucination (MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax x ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party *D E)
Dam: Dragonfly HFX Regret (MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax x ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party *D E)
DOB 8/2/12
extended pedigree 2014 +V+A 79

Rejoice freshened with a capacious, well shaped, easy to milk udder but her attachments are not show quality. As you can see, she is a sweet bottle baby, loves to be milked, and loves her people. She is a petite doe, but milks very well for her size. She would make a super family milker or brood doe.

$400.00, open--sold

Show record:



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